Extra-virgin olive oil Vergal - a source of health and enjoyment

The name Vergal is imprinted in the minds of the people of Novigrad as the name of an old source-stream. Just as it once meant health, cleanliness and life, surfacing from the untouched depths of the earth, Vergal continues to live today, equally original and powerful, in the form of olive oil from the very own production of Laguna Novigrad, which, for 9 years now, has been cultivating the frantoio, leccino and istarska bjelica varieties, currently producing about 3,500 litres of oil each year.

Olive oil and gourmet

Our chef uses it in all sorts of culinary delicacies, trying to, through local products, offer guests the authentic experience of Novigrad and a unique blending with a morsel of local tradition. Namely, each variety of olive gives oil with a unique taste and aroma – thus our rich frantoio especially suits meat, while a universal and popular leccino, with its fresh and fruity fragrance, marries brilliantly with almost all the creations of imaginative cooking.

Our chef is a true master for it!
Convince yourselves and surrender to gourmet pleasures…

Harvesting and processing olives

Olive harvesting is done by hand and machine, and the harvest begins when the olive skin colour changes in two-thirds of the fruit (the ripeness of the fruit is about 50% when the fruit has a ripe-green colour). After harvesting, the fruit is transported to the mill to be processed as soon as possible. Olives are processed by centrifugation or “cold” processing,  at a temperature of 25-27˚C. The olive oil obtained is filled into stainless steel barrels and kept in air-conditioned cellars at a temperature of 17˚C.

In addition to the restaurants of our hotels and campsites, you can buy the Vergal olive oil in the souvenir shop of hotel Maestral.

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