About Vergal

Vergal is the olive oil produced by Laguna Novigrad that has been cultivating the varieties Frantoio, Leccino and Istarska bjelica for as long as 9 years. Each variety brings a unique flavour and aroma, depending on the features of the fruit.

Istarska bjelica

istarska_bjelicaIstarska bjelica has its roots in the northern part of the Istrian peninsula. It is present in almost all old olive groves in Istria.It is a medium vigorous tree, with dark green, wide and spiral leaves. Bjelica is sensitive to peacock spot and olive fruit fly and is very resistant to low temperatures.The fruits are medium-sized, light green to ruddy. They ripen late, in mid or late November. Its fruit yield is abundant and has a high oil yield rate.Bjelica gives high quality oil. Its scent is reminiscent of freshly cut grass, with an expressed bitterness and elegant spiciness. These desirable features leave other positive characteristics unnoticed.




leccinoLeccino is a variety of Italian origin which is the most frequent one in this area today.It is a vigorous tree with a semi-hanging crown. The leaves are medium-sized, green. Leccino is resistant to peacock spot and olive fruit fly as well as low temperatures, but is sensitive to olive weevils.The fruit is medium-sized, green to dark. It matures early and has a regular yield. The oil yield is good.It is a high quality oil, expressing a fresh aroma and a fruity flavour of the olive fruit, with a mildly bitter and spicy finish. It is perfectly paired with fish, shrimps or prawns, grilled squid and cuttlefish as well as various salads.



pendolinoAn Italian variety, widespread in almost all new plantations due to its pollinator properties.Its growth is vigorous, with broad and dense hanging crown. The leaves are narrow and elongated, green to greyish. It is resistant to olive fruit fly and other pests.The fruits are small and asymmetrical. Because of the large number of flowers and the amount of pollen that are typical for this variety the tree has a lot of fruit. It matures early and the oil yield is mediocre.Pendolino gives excellent quality oil of a soft and rich aroma, with hints of almond and mild bitterness and spiciness.




frantoioThe variety of Italian origin. It is a quite common variety in our olive groves.It is a medium vigorous tree with a medium dense crown. It gives fruit very early. Frantoio leaves are dark green. It is sensitive to major pests and low temperatures.The fruit is medium-sized, with fine and dense lenticels on the fruit skin. Its fruit yield is regular and oil yield very good. Frantoio gives high quality oil. Its positive qualities are well balanced, with very bitter and spicy taste. This oil is best paired with the food of intense taste and scent such as beefsteak, truffles, game and mature cheeses.